5 Contractors a Small Marketing Company Needs

Running a marketing service company is not an easy job, especially of you are just starting in the field. You probably need all the help you can get to service your clients, but for starting entrepreneurs, it can be financially draining.

Which is why outsourcing some of the services and functions might be the best course of action. If you are planning on building your own marketing firm, be sure to scout for contractors and suppliers for the following tasks:

  1. Translation services

Translation services are not just for translating documents or manuscript from one language to another. There are different types of document translations – from the common document language translation to marketing translation. At one point, you would probably needing the services of these firms, especially if you are going global and entertaining international leads and dealing with foreign partners.

  1. Administrative services

For new marketing firms, processing papers might be time consuming and would take their time off from doing important things. However, getting a full-time administrative team might be a bit costly for these starting businesses. It would be best to get a part-time or outsourced administrative person to take care of these administrative tasks. The good thing about outsourcing these tasks is that you don’t have the obligation to hire them full-time.

  1. Video production company

Small marketing firms always partner with an audio-video production company to produce their marketing videos for them. Hiring a team full-time might not be a good financial move at this point as you would need to sustain their employment with more production work. And during the lean seasons, it might become a financial setback for the company. Find a video production company that has a creative team and the manpower to produce and edit your video projects.

  1. Brand activation services

Offline marketing strategies are still part of a solid marketing plan, especially for brand introduction. However, this can take a lot of effort, especially of you are doing it simultaneously. It would be best to get a brand activation agency that would execute your plan.

  1. Printing companies

Marketing collaterals are essential part of marketing strategies and action plans. However, small companies do not have the capability to reproduce bulk printing jobs. You can get a printing company to do this for you instead. These companies can help you from design conceptualization to production.

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