Let’s party without a party

If you also dread throwing parties or find the idea of parties extremely exhausting then we are here to the rescue! We have got some amazing ideas which will lighten up the mood and have fun with your kids on their special birthday.

Movie Inns

You might have heard the idea of hotel inns it is similar to that one. You can send out movie tickets as the invites of a party and get some snacks and popcorn ready with more than two back to back kids friendly movies. If you wouldn’t like to get your house full of kids you can simply take them all to the movie theater and watch the new releases.

Tag Along

Every child has those three to four best friends for which they can sacrifice all their toys. Grab those two to four friends and take the gang out to whatever they would love to do when together. It can be movies or holiday camps Dubai or even minigolf club. Your kid will be happy and you will be saved from the trouble of throwing extravagant party for 50+ kids.

Ask Them

Your kid can help you in choosing how they would like to spend the day and you can prep as the plan. They may ask for a small get together or some fun little getaway plan which will solve all your problems in a second. You will be saved from the stress of how to surprise your child and instead, they can surprise you.

Skate it out

Even though the idea of skating sounds too old fashioned but nothing is more fun than watching your dad try to balance on a four wheeler which isn’t his car. Take your kids to skating and arrange a small birthday DJ who can play birthday songs and it will be the funniest kids birthday party in Dubai where they play and learn.

Amusement Parks

This idea never gets old. Take your kids to a fun birthday ride in amusement parks as they have the best day of their lives. Try limiting your restrictions on rides and junk food so they can enjoy their birthday in full swing. There are some special discount offers and coupons for birthdays which can be availed.