Complete guide to buying a baby sensory or monitor

Baby monitors or sensory allow you to become all ears towards your kid. And you can place them in different rooms and even carry around them with you anywhere inside the home. Some baby monitors are connected via satellite and you can see and hear your baby anywhere you go outside the home. These latest devices are used as a peace of mind for the busy parents. But there are many companies who provide the latest monitors and baby sensory devices and since there are so many options, how can you decide which one is the best for you. First, you need to understand that there are three types of these devices.

The traditional one is the audio monitors which can be charged or turned on by the simple A batteries. They are light in weight and very cheap to buy. But since modern problems require modern solutions, these are not used much now a days. These are not very reliable as well because they work on radio or digital frequency and transmit them from one device to another. And these look like a traditional walkie talkie with a small antenna on the top. And these don’t cover long distances as well, maximum the furthest they can do is about 150 meters indoors only. 

Second are the video monitors which also require you to put a camera in the baby’s room. Other than this you need to install an application which works as a window or screen where you can see your kid at all times. There are two type of cameras involved, one is the static and other one can cover the whole room. There is also an advanced category where the camera moves in directions that the baby moves. This is a little expensive and you need to have a smart phone to download the app. Last are the latest devices which also monitor the vitals and temperature of your baby and if there is an abnormality the system informs you via an app which is installed in your phone and calls the ambulance. These devices require maintenance and it costs a lot.

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