Laundry and Its Mistakes

Laundry means washing of clothes and other textiles. The process of washing clothes that is doing laundry is usually carried out in a particular room specified for laundry. In an individual home, the space for laundry is referred as a laundry room or utility room.

Laundry processes generally include washing of clothes, rinsing clothes in water and using soap, detergent or any other kind of chemical which can remove dust, dirt, and bacteria from clothes. There are many affordable laundry services available which you can use if you don’t own a washing machine.

As you know there is a right and wrong way to do everything, so as to do laundry. There is a right and wrong way of even loading a machine. Even if you are doing laundry for years, some common mistakes you don’t even know you are doing can ruin your clothes. To save yourself from trouble see here now:

Mistakes to Avoid During Laundry:

Following are some mistakes to avoid while during laundry.

  • Sorting Out Clothes:

You have heard of sorting clothes in light and dark colors, right? Well, that is not enough. While doing laundry you should sort more dirty clothes from less dirty clothes. Separate light and delicate fabric from dense and heavy clothes. Wash small pieces of clothes separately, and bed sheets separately. Try this and you will be surprised to see results.

  • Be Careful While Adding Detergent:

While washing your clothes make sure you place the laundry first, and then fill the machine with water, and at last add soap or detergent.

  • Scrubbing Stains:

You might think the best way of cleaning stains from clothes is scrubbing them with some detergent and your full energy. It may remove the stain sometimes but a lot of times the stain may spread. On the other hand, the use of too much detergent harms your clothes.

  • Use of Dryer:

If you have time to air dry your clothes, don’t put them in a dryer. As air dry is better and gentler on clothes that are stretchy like socks.

  • Follow the Labels:

While doing laundry pay attention to the labels of the clothes. Always follow the instructions of the labels; this will increase the life of your clothes. When it comes to linen and silk it is better to hand wash them.