Food that will help you in diabetes

Human beings need to have all the nutrients present in different kinds of food in order to live healthy and to do all their work. Although all of us need a healthy diet plan Dubai but if some of us have diseases like heart disease, lung disease or diabetes then they need to have a special diet plan which will help them getting all the necessary nutrients without increasing the disease. Diabetic patients should follow diabetic diet plan Dubai prescribed by the doctors association along with the medicines. People often think that they can maintain their blood sugar by diet only and they will leave their medicines. This is very wrong concept as once you were diagnosed with diabetes then you have to take medicines on regular basis to avoid further complications. You have to take good food that is rich in nutrients but low in sugar and following are some of the food items which a diabetic patient can have:

Nuts: Nuts are very important to take on regular basis as they will help in lowering down the level of bad cholesterol from your body but you have to take only a handful amount of mixed nuts. It is also important to know that peanuts are not in the list of good nuts for diabetes so you have to avoid them. Take a handful of nuts once in a day and try to consume it in day time before sunset to get them absorbed fully in your blood stream.

Beans: They are full of fiber and carbohydrates and they will help in maintaining and even lowering down the sugar level. You can take them in partially cooked form like in the salads or fully cooked in the meals. If taken in the salads they will have more effect on your body so try to add them in your daily routine salad before meals. When you take a bowel full of salad then your stomach will be full and you will have less appetite for the cooked food after that and it will help in keeping your weight down and also help in lowering the sugar level in the blood. You can also add plain yogurt to your diet. It will provide probiotics and the necessary calcium to the bones.