Places where you can stay in the UK

It is a difficult thing to change your country and live in a new one. And people say that there is no place like home, which is a huge fact because even when you go out of city for some work or just for site seeing and no matter how much expensive or good hotel room you get, when you get home, it feels amazing and relaxing. And imagine the chills you will get when you leave your home for good or for some years. Either of the reason, still you need to stay at some place when you arrive in that country. There are people who have relatives and friends or any other acquaintance but there are some who don’t know anybody there, so they always search up for places to stay. If you are moving to UK from Dubai by international movers in Dubai and looking for a place to stay but don’t know what to look for then we are here to guide you all about it;

  1. If you are looking for a place that gives a royal look and vibe then we suggest that you should visit the Whitby Light house, if you are wondering that where is this place situated, then we would like you to know that it is located in North Yorkshire. The best part about this hotel is that it has a history. It was first lighten up in 1858 and you can still visit the place and you have an excellent view of the sea from your window and it costs 1,043 pounds per week.
  2. If you are looking for a cheap but a kind of place to live in that fulfils your adrenaline, then we suggest that you should visit the magic bus. If you are wondering what is magical about it and where it is then we would like you to know that it is situated in Lake district and if you are there with a partner, you both can accommodate in this magic bus in 100 pounds per night only. Now coming to the magic part, the fun thing about this bus is that there is a small bus welded above the big bus and inside the bus is all the things that a house needs.