Job positions in branding agencies

Accounting firms need accountants and managers, similarly branding agency needs other professionals and experts of other fields that can help them company to get profits and please their clients. In majority of the branding agencies, there are following job positions:

Copywriter: Copywriter is the pillar of a branding agency because it is a copywriter and content generators that decide what words should be added in a tagline and About Us of the company to paint their image and tell a story that bind the audience and make them pick their clients’ companies over others. The writers use the tools and techniques of storytelling, SEO, Google analytics, audience psychology and sociology to craft the tagline that would be impactful and must-to-use and save.

Graphic designer: An agency does not need content only to create win-win situation for the brand or their clients. They need some colors and creativity in the form of graphics and pictures that can be in the form of either logos, graphics, social media posts or banners. It is required for graphic designers and visual artists to add bright colors and use color psychology to create effective and impactful designs that glue audience and viewers and make them to buy the product or avail the services of the brand.

Storyboard artists: Branding agencies do not have to shoot pictures for the social media and banners only. They have to create animations and advertisements as well for the companies. Therefore, they need storyboard artists that create the scenes with screen writers to visualize to cameramen and actors what to shoot first and last. The artists are required to use different software to create pictures for each scene in the storyboard and each picture is required to be easy to understand.

Marketers and Strategists: It is not as easy as ABC to turn a company into a brand. You need a set of plan that consists of all steps and stages that you would take to make it a brand. Such plans are called strategies and their makers are either marketers or strategists. Branding agency needs marketers that know how to craft out successful strategies that revolutionize the company and their products. A marketer is required to use different tools and techniques about social media and digital marketing to increase the sales of the clients. There are marketers in every creative agency in Abu Dhabi. They also work in market research companies in Abu Dhabi as well.