Here’s how you can surprise your boss!

When it comes to surprise parties, the one thing for sure is that a majority of employees out there are a little wary of giving their bosses one during their birthdays. This is because they think that it might not be appropriate or they may not like it.

But bosses, like common people, also needs validation and appreciation from people in the workplace. And having their subordinates surprise them would mean they appreciate their leadership.

If you are planning some surprise soiree for your boss, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

  • Pick a day that is not too hectic


Ideally, birthday surprises should be done on the natal day itself, but there might be some exemptions for workplace. If you will do the surprise shindig on a hectic day where people have tons of work, there might be a chance that people, including the birthday celebrant might take this positively. It would be best to do it on a day that is not too busy for everyone to celebrate. Your boss wouldn’t mind the surprise after his actual birthday.


  • Talk to your co-workers


You cannot do this alone. You need the help of your co-workers to be able to stage this surprise party along with the services of corporate gifts suppliers in Dubai. Talk to your colleagues and get their opinions. They might have some great ideas that you can use for the party. Be the POC for this event and delegate some tasks to others. Get everybody’s agreement on the initial plan.


  • Work on the surprise plan discreetly


The reason why most birthday surprises fail is because people involved are not very discreet in planning it. In a very small workspace, news can travel fast. And if you and your teammates are not careful, the news might be known to that one person you try to hide the plan – your boss. So be sure to keep mum on the details and ask your co-workers to do the same. Do not do the planning during work hours. You might be eating up working hours and cause suspicions.


  • Order presents


Every person, no matter how rich or powerful they are, appreciates a simple gift given by their subordinates. Give your boss a token to remember you and your team by. If you are not that sure what to give, a simple bouquet would do. You can check out your trusted flower and fruit basket delivery in Dubai and choose which arrangement is the best for the occasion.