Benefits of Vitamin C

The benefits of vitamin C have been known since ages. It can be really helpful for people in treating various kinds of diseases. It is used to cure colds, boosting the immune system, enhances collagen growth and guard against fatal heart diseases. Fruits are considered richest source of Vitamin C especially oranges. Vitamin C can also be found in broccoli, strawberry, red or green peppers. Besides natural fruits and animals, now there are nutrient supplement and injections of vitamin C. In case of deficiency of vitamin C in your body, you can gain it from these sources. The injection of vitamin C can be injected into vein, muscle or under skin.

Deficiency of Vitamin C: Mostly people take vitamin C to improve their immune system or general health. Deficiency of Vitamin C can lead to scurvy. This disease mostly affects people who consume very limited food, having nutrient absorbing problem or who are chain smokers.

Symptoms: Following symptoms in human body indicates deficiency of Vitamin C:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Fatigue
  • Poor wound healing
  • Colored spots on skin

Uses of Vitamin C:

It helps in curing some medical conditions like:

  1. Cancer: Research has shown that high dosage of Vitamin C if added with other cancer drugs can improve the treatment to a large extent. The high level vitamin C is helpful in killing cancer cell without harming other cells of body. It also reduces the side effects of cancer drugs or chemotherapy on human body. For this purpose vitamin diffusion drips are produced by doctors which contain high level of Vitamin C, other vitamins and amino acids. For a vitamin infusion in your body you choose from 12 different kinds of vitadrips in Dubai that you can get from the many clinics available across the Emirate.
  2. Immune system or general health: Vitamin C helps in boosting the immune system against various diseases. It prevents from heart or eye diseases, decrease the chances of developing cancer and provide immunity from seasonal flu or cold.
  3. Weight loss: Vitamin C helps in burning body fat through moderate exercise. If you want to look better and feel fresh then Vitamin C injections can give you the boost you want

Painless treatment: The injections of Vitamin C are painless. You can use a special freezing spray that will prevent you from normal injection pinch. In very rare cases, these injections might cause a little pain or swelling but it will be gone in a night.